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does paying for the latest version entitle free copies of the next version to come out on this site? or will that have to be paid for aswel?

I'm not sure how this works on But I suspect that this is access to only one file.

Just played 0.43, enjoyable reads once again! Makes me regret I can't pay for the latest update on :< Thanks for your efforts!

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A really nice game. :)

I noticed a few small problems with the text (version 0.42a):

  • "You know, I'm probably will sit at home."
  • "Liz took a step back, slightly swaying. She had to lean on my arm to keep from falling. There is an awkward silence in the room." (last sentence: was instead of is)
  • There was a kiss in the vampire conversation before the banana chips and then shortly after in the same conversation another one which was described as the first.
  • In the chamomile tea on the couch dialogue there appears to be some Russian word in the English text.
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Hi! Thank you! And thank you for you bugreport.

Nice! Would love to have a 'slutty' personality with less issue to get laid but more difficulty to romantically bond with. May need to involve denying certain advances that come from her side, doing it love rather than lust or the other way around.

Also really like the fact we can customize our sister and decide whether she's blood related or not.

By the way a question: Will you add a payable version of the latest uncensored demo's here on I'd rather not make an account on Patreon as well just so I can enjoy an extended demo. allows easy and anonymous payments. Those that paid for it once can re-download a new alpha version without paying again, until the full version comes out. ;)


We will thinking about add a new personalities, but only after we complete the game. About payment version... Well, we have some problems with PayPal. So Patreon is only option now, sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply! Would love to donate to this game, I like the little mini-games and how your choices change the outcome. Do you have an estimated quarter of a year that your team is working on for completion?

Can't wait till those unfortunate issues with PayPal have been restored, I'll follow this page till completion!

We will finish "My Strange Sis" this summer. Perhaps there will be other updates after that. With a new customization or personalities.

Will you be selling the full version through too?


No, it will be free )

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Great game! I like how this game allows players to customize the girl's looks and her relationship to you (related by blood or marriage). I also like the mini-game where you must open the bathroom door slowly to spy on your sister in the shower. Looking forward to the final version!


Hi! We are glad that you are liked our game. This version have another sex event, i'm suppose that you can't find it yet.


Cool ... I'll have to uncover it. Keep up the good work!


Now this is a good idea. I love the fact you customize the girl too in this one.