My Strange Sister 0.54 brief walkthrough

Beware of spoilers!


We get a lot of feedback that the game is very difficult. Players repeatedly get a bad endings. So we decided to write the brief walkthrough. A couple of tips. 
The first, try to be a good brother. Seriously. Even if you chose that you want to fuck her. Before proceeding to the action, just wait for signs of approval on her part.
Second, consider the personality of your sister in your actions. If the nerdy Liz likes one of you decision, it's not mean that vanilla or gothic Lis will like it too. From the very beginning of the game you can see the a question mark in the upper right corner. It is vital to fill it before the first day's end. The key decision here is DO NOT spy at her.  We understand that this is a fetish. So just save, do it once, then load again. You must be a good brother, do you remember it?? If you did everything right, then you will achieve the 'Detective' and 'Erotic Dream'  achievements. This will disclose most of the other events  for you.
The second vital part is read her letter.  On the second day, when she will sleep on the bed, you will see a letter on the nightstand after the lamp. Read it before you get close to Liz.
Before the end of the game, Liz will tell you  the persent of the current game's content that you have already seen. We hope that these tips will help you with our game. If you want a more complex walkthrough, they are available for our 10$ patrons. 

Best Regards,
The Team!

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