My Strange Sister v.90 and v.82DEMO


v0.9 is out! As we promised, it has endings. Basically, the game is complete. We will do mostly minor changes in version 1.0. For example, we need to do a thorough proofreading of the text. Add a few art. And so on. It's unlikely that we will change the storyline.

Version 0.9 is already available for our patrons. The general public will see only version 1.0, which will be free for all. This will happen in about a month.

The main changes in 0.9 are:

- Ten neutral, good and true finals
- Added several backgrounds and other pictures
- A new sexual scene on each main route
- Total text size is 60000 words.

Version 0.82 is considered as open demo now. 

Files 202 MB
Aug 19, 2017 217 MB
Aug 19, 2017 202 MB
Aug 19, 2017 217 MB
Aug 19, 2017

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