0.82 Public


This is a fresh public version of our game. We did it longer than expected, but it's ready. Despite the fact that there are not many quests in this version, they are very large. In general, this is the biggest update we have ever made. Game time increased to December 22. However, we recommend using the saves from mid-November to be able to see all the new content. Or start a new game. After that, we recommend saving on December 21 to continue in v 0.85+.

What's new compared to the previous public version (0.79):

- 18k words in eight new quests. Two of these quests is for male character only. Optional gender bender quest for your main character.
- 20 new scenes featuring Hermione, Astoria, Irma, Draco, Harry (FemHarry too) and a couple of new characters. M/F, F/F and optionally M/M too.
- We redrawn and animare two old scenes.
- New sprite for Snape.
- New gossips.


WaW0.82-Public-mac.zip 972 MB
Dec 07, 2019
WaW0.82-Public-new-devices.apk 994 MB
Dec 07, 2019
WaW0.82-Public-old-devices.apk 994 MB
Dec 07, 2019
WaW0.82-Public-pc.zip 989 MB
Dec 07, 2019
WaW0.82-Public-x86_64-devices.apk 995 MB
Dec 07, 2019

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What do I do after the hermione’s experiment quest???

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Sorry, we don't answer a questions about gameplay process. You can google for the community-maded guide by yourself.