0.82a Public

Thanks to your bug reports, we were able to fix many bugs in the public version. So we decided to make a separate build with a bugfix as v.0.82a. We really do not recommend playing version 0.82 without this bugfix. Fixed a dozen errors, the most significant are:

- Bug with timeskip after new Astoria's quest .

- A bug with part time working during story quests.

- A bug in the scene with Ginny at the storageroom.


WaW0.82a-Public-android-x86_64-release.apk 995 MB
Dec 17, 2019
WaW0.82a-Public-mac.zip 972 MB
Dec 17, 2019
WaW0.82a-Public-new-devices.apk 994 MB
Dec 17, 2019
WaW0.82a-Public-old-devices.apk 994 MB
Dec 17, 2019
WaW0.82a-Public-pc.zip 989 MB
Dec 17, 2019

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Hi, this should be a bug that is "illegal".  I've the quest 63 (lengthen dick) partially done and I've finished genderbender quest. Now if I tried using the spell in the bathroom the game will crash. Probably an easy fix is that quest 74 should disable 63 automatically? Thanks for the great work by they way.

I need help every time I download the game it just says app not installed

Check if your device have enough free space. Also you can try another apk