0.79 Public


I know that you waited a long time, but we released another public version. We did not continue the main storyline, so the game still ends on December 20th. You will need to use early save to see the new content, or start a new game. Saves from previous versions must be compatible.

What's new?

Compared with the previous public version:

- 16k words in eight new quests. One of these quests is for female character only. Three for a male character only.

- Eight new sex scenes featuring Ginny, Hermione, Astoria, Nymphadora, Harry.

- Now you can work at Hogsmeade on weekends.

- Quest 32 has been heavily redesigned and expanded.

After version 0.77 alpha:

- Added animation, English text is fully read.

After version 0.78 beta:

- Bugs fixed

- Added two small random events with pictures.


WaW0.79-Public-mac.zip 832 MB
Jul 06, 2019
WaW0.79-Public-new-android.apk 854 MB
Jul 06, 2019
WaW0.79-Public-old-android.apk 854 MB
Jul 06, 2019
WaW0.79-Public-pc.zip 850 MB
Jul 06, 2019
WaW0.79-Public-x86_64-release.apk 855 MB
Jul 06, 2019

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Why there's no option on my characters name at the beginning?

Because it is very difficult for Android. You can change the name of your character on other platforms.