0.72a Public


This release is mainly a patch. Also, we made some improvements to the gameplay. Let me tell you in more detail.

First, we added an indicator that shows you how many actions you did at this time of day. The fact is that some actions end the current time of day. For example, study or group talks. But some other actions you can do up to three times per daytime, for example, a conversation with an individual character, or taking a shower. You can see this indicator in the upper right corner, near the calendar.

Secondly, we fixed those bugs that you reported to us for this week. Thanks to all those who send us bug reports! More than 20 minor bugs were fixed, both text and visual.

No new content in this version, just fixes!


WaW0.72a-Public-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 563 MB
Jan 19, 2019
WaW0.72a-Public-mac.zip 547 MB
Jan 19, 2019
WaW0.72a-Public-pc.zip 565 MB
Jan 19, 2019
WaW0.72a-Public-x86_64-release.apk 564 MB
Jan 19, 2019

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BUG: By using the feature where you talk to multiple people simultaneously, you can increase your status with people that left that room during the same time period(Example: I used the feature when I only Malfoy was in the Slytherin Common Room with me, and it gave me points towards Snaps who left the room after I talked to him.

It's not a bug. You're talked to them, so not talk again this time and don't see they icons. But they are still there.

Bug: I got the quest from Ginny to look for Harry. I can't find Harry at nightime but I also can't sleep because I have the quest.

This is not a bug. Look for him again. Ask another students.

Is he in a classroom?

You're just nedd to talk with all other student, find one who talk about Harry, and check all location after it.

Look at the comment below this one. LOL

The only student I haven't talked to is Astoria and she doesn't want to talk to me.