So, the .21 public version of our game is ready. It was a very big job. Now we can say that the skeleton of our game is ready. We already have a sandbox and several events. Everything else will be additions over the sandbox. Now you need 2-3 hours of gameplay to complete all the quests.
We'll hope you like it!

Changes compare to the previous public build are:
- Sandbox mode. You can study, train, improve relationships with the another characters, and look how the NPC does all of  that.
- Added ~13,000 words.
- Harry, Astoria Greengrass and three teachers.
- Added seven quests. There are a nudity, romance and different lewd situations.


WaW-0.21-mac.zip 177 MB
Dec 07, 2017
WaW-0.21-pc.zip 191 MB
Dec 07, 2017

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