0.52 Public


So, here it is. Your long-awaited public version. We did it for two months, it's true. But the size of this version is almost twice as average update for our games. 16,000+ words of text are not jokes.

Also in the new version:

- Eight new locations

- Seven new quests, mainly in new locations

- A new secondary character

- Two new soundracks

- The game time is extended until the end of November.

- Redesigned player character's sprites. Now he/she has both hands and lots of poses.

- Added random encouters at dating place.

- Many sandbox improvements


WandsandWitches-0.52.0-release.apk 325 MB
May 05, 2018
WaW0.52-Public-mac.zip 301 MB
May 05, 2018
WaW0.52-Public-pc.zip 318 MB
May 05, 2018

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