0.66 Public


So, here is a latest public version! Don't look at the version number - this is a big and significant update. As we wrote earlier, version 0.7x will contain a continuation of the story quest. Even if it can less than this update.
Major changes compared to the previous public build:

 - 12k words in eight new quests, and also the completion of one old quest (The game contains 106k words and 43 quests now)

- Six new animated erotic scenes

- Three new backgrounds and two old background was redrawn from scratch

- Eleven new erotic illustrations for random events

- Number of sandbox tweaks. For example, shower now take time, but you will need it less often. Unhygienic procedures now illustrated, but you can trigger it only if your arousal high enough.

- We have made a lot of interface's tweaks and changes. Hope you like it.

- You can select game difficulty now.

Attention! Unfortunately, saves from the old versions is not working now. You're must start a new game. So, if you haven't played our game yet, then this is a good version to start.


WandsandWitches-0.66.0-release.apk 448 MB
Oct 13, 2018
WaW0.66-Public-mac.zip 422 MB
Oct 13, 2018
WaW0.66-Public-pc.zip 439 MB
Oct 13, 2018

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Can you release a guide for this version please.

I'm sorry, we are released the guiide for out Patrons only. There is a community-made guide, you can search for it...

no problem. Its just that I really wanted to know what new quests there were.