Wands and Witches 0.71 Beta

Wands and Witches 0.71 Beta released

Hello! We are just released the beta version for our Patrons at Patreon!

Beta release required more time than we planned. The fact is that we have updated the  engine's version starting with the  0.7x game branch. Apparently after this, part of the translation in the game broke. Unfortunately, the engine developer didn't answer us about this problem. So we had to recheck the entire translation manually. Given that the size of the text in our game is already comparable to a novel book, it took a lot of time.

Despite this, the beta is ready. What's new? - We added eleven new quests and several  interactive events to the game. And you can consider interactive events as small quests. It is about 12,000 words of new text in this version. - You can see the continuation of the main storyline, from two sides. - Four quests of this version are dedicated to bad guys. Or girls... This means that it will be more interesting for you to play as a Slytherin student. - You will be able to use magic much more often than before. We took into account your complaints that there is too little magic in our game. - This version play time ended at Dec, 20. - You can be expelled from Hogwarts (game over) now.

Compared with alpha:

- All animation is ready. - Added m/m options  in quest51, which was previously turned off due to art's unready. - Fixed translation errors (I hope all of them. However, if you see non-English text, please send a screenshot or save file to us.) - Fixed other bugs.

TODO before public release:

We have repeatedly heard complaints from those of you who don't like "flying hands and lips." I mean animations separated from the body. I am pleased to inform you that now we have all the art needed to rebuild those scenes. So, we will redo all the early scenes with Ginny, with Hermione, with Luna and with Colin, where we used "flying hands" before the release of the public version. It does not take much time. We'll be fine until next weekend. No more  "flying hands"!

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I really like this game!  Good on ya!