0.72 Public


Here it is - the long awaited public version. Main changes compared to previous public version:

- We added eleven new quests and several  interactive events to the game. And you can consider interactive events as small quests. It is about 12,000 words of new text in this version (88к words and 54 quest in total, the game has become quite big now).
- You can see the continuation of the main storyline, from two sides.
- Four quests of this version are dedicated to bad guys. Or girls... This means that it will be more interesting for you to play as a Slytherin student.
- You will be able to use magic much more often than before. We took into account your complaints that there is too little magic in our game.
- This version play time ended at Dec, 20.
- You can be expelled from Hogwarts (game over) now. - We reworked old scenes with flying hands. Now you can see the normally interacting characters instead.

Saves from 0.6х+ must work. We hope that we were able to get rid of all the bugs in this version. However, if you encounter a bug, please let us know.


WaW0.72-Public-armeabi-release.apk 563 MB
Jan 12, 2019
WaW0.72-Public-mac.zip 547 MB
Jan 12, 2019
WaW0.72-Public-pc.zip 565 MB
Jan 12, 2019
WaW0.72-Public-x86_64-release.apk 564 MB
Jan 12, 2019

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if I can't download and install the newest version because of this loaner phone being terrible can I download one of the older versions possibly?

It will not help you. All versions of the game have the same hardware requirements.

if I can't download and install the newest version Juanes can I go ahead and try to backdate and download one of the older versions I got a loaner phone and it's not good